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Open Edition: 7.75 x 11.5

Giclèe on archival paper with Engraved Title Plate

All open editions come complete with title and artist information for mounting to the back if you choose to frame your purchase. A synopsis of the subject matter, if not self-explanatory, is also included along with an embossed copy of the artist’s signature.


  • "Katchi Kapshida!" With the very survival of the Republic of Korea on the line, the wartime leaders rose to the challenge. General Douglas A. MacArthur, Lt. Gen. Ridgway, Maj. Gen. Chung Il Kwon, and Brig. Gen. Paik Sun Yup, at a Corps Commander Conference at Suwon Air Base, bound forces together in the defense of freedom on the Korean Peninsula. Today the alloy, forged in the crucible of war sixty-four years ago, remains ready to meet the common danger with their watchwords the same as they were then: “We Go Together!”

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