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Ebay is the best site to find a realistic secondary market value for your sold out print. Online auctions are the most effective way to resell your prints as you will find a large audience. You may also contact a recognized authority on secondary market values, InformArt Magazine--

Why can't I find my Stivers print on the website?

Many prints were commissioned for a specific unit, corp, or association and may never have been offered as an edition to the general public. Mr. Stivers produced fine art for over 50 years so we have decided only to display the images that we have in our inventory, be it in print or note card form.


What is a Commemorative Edition?


These prints were created to honor an outstanding artist. They allow present and future generations of military art enthusiasts the opportunity to appreciate the broad and diverse scope of a lifetime of work by one of the most respected and talented artists of his time. They are smaller in size than the original lithographic reproduction, printed using the giclee method on durable and fade-resistant archival paper, and are signed by the artists' daughter. They have no effect on the secondary market value of original lithographs signed by Don Stivers.


What does GICLÉE  mean?


Giclee is French and translated literally means "squirt", which in this case refers to the process by which the ink is applied to the paper. The nozzles of an inkjet printer spray a pattern of very fine drops onto the paper that later form the picture. Iris giclee printers use saturated, water-based archival inks to produce a combination of twelve chromatic changes with more than three million possible colors. The process is capable of reproducing paintings, photographs, and illustrations with astounding accuracy. All of our new releases are made using this technique. If kept out of direct sunlight

they will last for many years.


What is ARCHIVAL paper?


When you order your print on paper we are referring to the extraordinary natural white 100% cotton rag paper that is designed for the professional artist in a digital world. This paper is naturally age-resistant and has a unique fine-grained, smooth surface and structure and offers a pure white tone. Archival paper is made slightly alkaline or with a neutral pH so that it will not yellow and turn brittle with age. It is designed to meet galleries and museums longevity requirements, and is acid free certified.


Open editions are images that are not signed or numbered. They are smaller in stature than our commemorative or regular print editions but are made using the fine archival paper and giclée inks.


For any other questions we can be reached at 703-475-4063.

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