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Print: 13 x 11.5
Edition: 1000 s/n with Certificate of Authenticity
Giclée on archival paper

Portrait Set of 5 - Giclée (Grant,Lee,Forrest,Chamberlain,Jackson)

Portrait Set of 4- Lithograph signed by the artist 207/1000  (Grant,Lee,Chamberlain,Forrest)

Engraved Brass Plate


  • Grant was an abject failure in virtually everything he tried except for one thing – war. In that he excelled magnificently. While other Union generals in the east were plagued by over caution, lack of confidence and single-mindedness, or just plain ineptitude, Grant in the west pursued with unyielding doggedness the one goal that a few of the generals and nearly all the politicos in Washington could not understand. His goal was, simply, to whip the enemy, unconditionally. Print signed by Tracy Stivers.

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